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Sometimes people annoy me. Other times I am stuck in a really funny situation. All in all, I just got to share it!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2 posts in one

Nobody reads me anymore since I haven't been blogging as steady anymore so since I have two posts that won't be read anyway, I'm putting them together. They're short.

#1 The most annoying thing ever:

Right now If asked what the most annoying thing is, I would probably try to be funny by answering the screaming sound that jim carrey does in dumb and dumber, "wanna hear the most annoying sound?"
But in truth the most annoying thing to me is that sticker that is put on a new cd. You know the one that is under the plastic wrap? The excitement of getting a new cd is overwhelming. You rush home to listen to it, or rather rush to pop it into your cd player in your car. Rip open the plastic, get ready to open the case and nothing. You absolutely cannot open it. There is a long sticker the length of the side of the cd holding it shut. Getting this sticker off is not a simple task either. I think it takes me about 20 minutes every time. You get a little corner, are all ready to peel and come up with a tiny sliver of sticker, over and over again. What, I ask, is the exact purpose of this little sticker? Is it just in case someone opens trys to steal the cd in the store? Cuz if that's the case, they'd first have to rip all the plastic off and open the cd case. Why wouldn't they just steal the whole thing? I can't imagine it is for the safety of the cd. Isn't the plastic wrap enough. Who thought of this silly little sticker anyway? I think I need to write them a letter.

#2 Ladies: who wants to be the first to throw a pie in Aaron's face?

The following conversation was exchanged between Aaron and I yesterday.
Aaron burned his finger while sauteeing onions

Me: How's your finger Aaron?
Him: it's fine, I don't feel pain anymore since I broke my ankle.
Me: that's good for you but I still feel pain from things after giving birth.
Him: (major pause) um. I hate to say this but I think the pain from me breaking my ankle is a lot worse than giving birth.

What??!!! he must be joking. That's it. Funny funny har har. Because if he's not, he has completely lost his mind. lost it. There is a reason men don't give birth. Besides for the obvious body part issue, there is no way they could handle it. Seriously. They can't even handle being sick. But I digress. If you are a lady who has experienced the joys and pains of childbirth and would get great pleasure of throwing a pie in my husband's face please feel free to contact me at your convenience. You supply the pie.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

American idol part 2

Back at the beginning of this blog I revealed some skeletons in my closet in regards to American Idol. I love singing. I am not a good judge on whether I'm any good but who cares, I love it.
Last week I was walking into the office in school when I saw a sign on the bulletin board with the heading "American Idol....." Being that I love this show, I went to see what the sign was all about. Basically, all the schools in my agency are having an agency wide american idol talent competition. Wow. For a moment I thought of doing it. I wish I could. It is so hard when you are torn between something you really want to do and the standards in your religion. I was just curious if anyone else has an an experience wherein they had to pass up an opportunity for something they really wanted because of religion.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I can write a book

My kids at school say and do the funniest things. Today I was laughing all day long. I decided that I should probably write down the things that happen because I will probably forget. The things that happened today:
(ps- my kids are 3 and 4)

-My assistant was taking a meal replacement drink out of the fridge and a boy asks her "is that your beer?"

-a new boy started today and he had a tough time transitioning. he was crying a lot when his father laughed but shortly after, he did really well. During lunch he thought our garbage can was weird and said "what the heck is this?" I had to turn around to laugh. But then he was having his milk container talk to someone else's milk and he said "this is cow sh**" The first time he said it we all just looked at eachother to see if we heard right. The second time he said it I had to walk away and my assistant explained to him that there are some words that we do not use in school.

Stories from other days:
-There is a boy in our class who speaks only chinese and no english what so ever. Considering this, he is doing very well. He is really funny and copies everything we do even gestures because he is trying to learn. He is at times very independant because he cannot request things so he just does them. We have a toy in the class that is basically a bunch of plastic straws with connectors to build (look at the link) Well, one day during lunch, I turned around and saw that he had one of them in his milk and he was drinking out of it. he walked over to where we keep it in the classroom and took one because he didn't know how to ask for a straw.
-Same boy: Every day we take the class to the bathroom as a class. three children come in at a time while the others wait outside with the other teacher. I was helping a child wash her hands and there were children in the stalls when this boy came into the bathroom. He opened a stall that had a girl in it, she said "hey!" and he went into the next stall. When I turned around the stall that the girl had been in was open. She was standing with her pants around her ankles and a horrified look on her face and he was peeing in her toilet. I screamed

There are a ton more stories but this is all I can think of right now.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

some things you may not know about me:

-I have a really bad addiction to candy
-I sing, and sometimes dance in the shower
-When I listen to a song on the radio, I somtimes harmonize
-If I am really into a good rock song that I am listening to, I sing the guitar solos too.
-Sometimes I get so excited about a song that I just shout out the words I know (I tend to do this with beastie boys songs because I only know the last few words in each line)
-I am terrified of bridges
- I love rollercoasters, especially the drops
-I need to sit in the front seat of the car so I don't get car-sick
-I make random conversations with strangers
-I don't like shopping, just getting things
-I love surprises
- I usually ruin every surprise by playing detective and figuring it out
- I can't buy a present for someone and then wait to give it to them
- I have no patience for stupid adults
-I have all the patience in the world for children and children and adults with special needs
- I love the smell of dryer
- I have had a crush on Eddie Vedder since I was 10
- I like teeny bopper movies (10 things I hate about you, never been kissed, all of those...)
- I'm a republican
-I'm a yankee fan
- I used to play basketball volleyball and softball
- I haven't seen a movie in the theatre in over a year and am really dying to
- I am deathly allergic to dogs and wish I wasn't
- I like suck my hershey kisses like candies
- I like to open my oreos, eat the side without cream then fold the cookie with cream in half to get extra
- Some things I wish I did proffessionally: draw, paint, photography, sing

This isn't a meme but it could be, so if you wanna do it, go for it.

some of my pictures: (warning some may think the last one is inappropriate so don't scroll down if you don't want to see it) These were all made in 2000, I don't really have much time anymore.

my favorite pictures are hanging in places that aren't here so I couldn't take pictures of them

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A bit hectic

School started last Wednesday and I am pretty much wiped out at the end of the day. Although I have had so much material for great posts, I had little desire to type them up. But I do have a few stories from my first week of school that will help you better understand why I am so tired!
The first day went as follows: my morning started off with 15 children. 5 of which were in hysterics missing their mothers. I had three moms, a father, and a grandmother in my class all day watching their children. I had one girl who wants to do her own thing at all times including getting up during circle and going over to the "kitchen" to play. I had 4 mothers tell me that under no circumstances can my male assistant take their daughters to the bathroom. 1 was rationale the rest were not. The rationale mother explained that she teaches her child that men and boys should not touch or look at her private parts so she wouldn't feel comfortable with the situation. This issue was ongoing throughout the week. I spoke with my mentor, the supervisor and finally the principal. The principal had to call her superior to figure out an ultimate plan. Through all of it, I felt extremely horrible for my assistant. He is a wonderful man and an amazing assistant. He is great with the kids and I feel 100 percent comfortable leaving him alone with the class if I have to run an errand or do paper work. Furthermore, he has two daughters of his own and has been an assistant in the school for 12 years. It is so sad that our world is such a disgusting and perverted place that a good person like that has to suffer. In the end the principal placed the floater assistant in my class as a second assistant because there was no possible way that I could take all those girls to the bathroom on a regular basis. One girl is completely toilet trained, one is somewhat but needs to go to the bathroom every 1/2 hr and the other two wear pull ups. crazy...
Back to the girl who wants to do her own thing. I can tell she is going to be an ongoing problem throughout the year and her mother is not going to be on my side at all. Last year I had the best parents ever! This year I guess I am paying the price. The first conversation I had with this girl's mother was something like this
mom- "my daughter doesn't listen much. But it's the age."
No, not really mom....but okay. The mother was right about one thing, she does not listen!! So yesterday she took her snack out and proceeded to drink her milk out of a sippy cup. This girl is a typically developing child (my class is integrated so not all of them are) and is 4 years old and in the universal pre-k program. I do not allow anyone to drink from sippy cups in my class but even more so someone like this. I told her that in school we drink from a big girl cup and poured her milk into a plastic cup. She took her cup and attempted to throw it in the garbage. Every time someone tried to put it in front of her, she pushed it away. When a teacher attempted to talk to her she turned her head and ignored the teacher. For the rest of the morning she acted completely defiant in all ways. I wrote the mother a note in the communication notebook letting her know what occurred. I explained why we do not allow sippy cups from a speech therapist's point of view but also explained that we promote independace in our children and part of that is drinking from a cup. (etc, etc.) I spoke with her about it after school as well and she was so defensive. "I would appreciate if you would tell me things first before my child...." "oh...she didn't know the rules, that's why she got upset, right honey?"
The girl kept throwing her backpack down and stomping on it and her mother kept telling her how silly she was being.
In the morning, today, we discussed the matter further and it seemed to be okay until I read her response in the communication notebook:
(I wish I had the exact words...)
My daughter is very smart but also very sensative. She gets very upset when people are too tough with her and I think you are very impatient with her. She did not know she could not have a sippy cup....blah blah blah....
please don't make my daughter feel badly in the future....blah blah blah.
I brought the note straight to the principal and called the mother to set up a meeting after school. The problem was fixed in the conversation instead. It boiled down to the fact that the mom thought we were scolding her child for doing something that she didnt know she couldn't do but in fact we were addressing the behavior that resulted from us telling her she couldn't drink from the sippy cup. Once that was clarified the mother was okay. But today the child was completely defiant once again. During breakfast she had yogurt in her hair and an assistant tried to wipe it out and she wacked her hand out of the way. Another assistant praised her for sitting nicely and attempted to give her a sticker and she grunted and got angry. I keep having to let her know that she should use her words because we don't know why she is upset/ignorning, etc. We shall see what this will bring...

Some interesting things that happened at the end of my day:
On my way home I had to make a stop. I went to pull into the only spot near the store when I noticed a woman standing in the spot waving me on. "it's taken..." she said. After the day I had you wouldn't be surprised that I rolled down my window and said"I really don't think you are allowed to do that."
I came home from shoe shopping with Estee and I saw a woman staring straight at a tree on my front lawn as if there was someone there that was talking to her. I looked at my downstairs neighbor's window in hopes of seeing someone there that may be communicating with her. Nope. She said something and then I realized who she was talking to. A squirrel. When she noticed me starting at her she apologized. What was she apologizing for? talking to the squirrel? talking to the squirrel on my property? being in my way or just being crazy?
I was taking Estee for a walk and when I got to the corner of a busy intersection I heard someone screaming in a way that sounded like they were also crying "why did you do thaaaaaaaaaat?!!!?" It took me a while to figure out where it was coming from and it was a woman in a car stopped at a light of the intersecting street, on her cell phone. I understand that she was upset. I get upset sometimes too when I am on the phone in the car but for goodness sakes, roll up your window, everyone was staring at her.
So all in all it's been a rough week. A really rough day...
could use some rest, and some cheer!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The yummy!

I love to cook. I'm not sure if y'all know that about me but it's one of my passions. I love everything from the easy to the most intricate gourmet. A few years ago for mother's day I had all the mothers and grandmothers over for a fancy dinner. I decorated the table with rose petals and tea lights. This was the menu:
When everyone came their strawberry mango mesculun salad was served inside half an acorn squash (that was the bowl) The appetizer was Salmon En Croute with cucumber dill sauce. I poured some sauce over the salmon (in a puff pastry-so it was in a slice on the plate) and then put extra inside a cucumber well on the side. The main course was plum chicken, Asparagus Tivoli, and Rosemary shallot and mushroom potatoes. Along the rim of the plate I sprayed some margarine and shook on some pretty spices to decorate the plate. For dessert I served a "beggars purse" which is a warm pastry with fruit chocolate and cinnamon inside. On the side was a scoop of sorbet, either chocolate or mango.
I have the pictures on a different computer, hopefully after my long weekend, I will put them up.
I also really enjoy good easy recipes. When it is going to be just the two of us for dinner or for shabbos, I experiment. Either with new recipes or I throw together whatever I find in the cabinets.
This past week I made two made-up recipes that were delicious and I thought I would share them, hey why not?

The first one was a cross between a meatball dish and a chinese lo-mein so I therefore call it Chinese chopped meat casserole, how creative of me!

1 lb chopped meat
1 can tomato soup
1 can water
1 can mushrooms
can chow mein noodles

I sauteed the chopped onion and celery then mixed all the ingredients (except for a little bit of the noodles) all together and put it in a casserole dish. I topped it with the leftover noodles and baked uncovered for an hour on 350. The noodles on top were crunchy but the ones inside the casserole were soft and lo-meinish :)

The next one was real quick. I had to go out but needed to cook dinner. I love chicken recipes that are covered really tightly and cooked for 3 hours. They come out so soft. I cleaned chicken bottoms and covered them with marinara sauce. I added lots of italian spices- basil (my fav), oregano, etc. I threw in some cut up veggies- zuccini, string beans, carrots, whatever you want. Then I covered it really tightly with foil. (btw, make sure everything in the pan is swimming in sauce. I used a 16 oz can of marinara) I baked it on 350 for 3 hours. The chicken melted in my mouth!!!

I can go on and on with recipes that I love or that I've made up but I will stop here. Have a wonderful shabbos!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nice video!

Too bad I didn't have this much fun at camp!