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Sometimes people annoy me. Other times I am stuck in a really funny situation. All in all, I just got to share it!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

The big bad fly

During havdallah, Aaron and I noticed one of those big fat flys flying around our kitchen. (we started doing havdallah in our tiny little kitchen a couple of weeks ago because the smoke from our candle kept setting off the smoke alarm)While Aaron was making havdallah I kept trying to annoy the fly with the smoke but it wasn't working. After havdallah Aaron attempted to kill the fly with two paper towels, one in each hand. He tried this by closing in on the fly. It was quite funny watching how slowly he would open up the paper towels with a look of anticipation on his face only to find that there was no fly in there and it was still flying around. I was giving him all the encouragement I could by chanting "kill it kill it, die die!"
When the paper towel method did not work, he moved on to the handle from our swiffer duster. When that didn't work he tried the broom. I was laughing so hard because how on earth can you kill a fast moving fly with a broom?
Aaron's father came over a little while later and was able to kill the fly in seconds. He says there's a method. He says flies fly down after being stationary. I guess he's just the master fly killer.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Meme, A-Z

Okay I've been dying to do this meme but no one tagged me so I took it upon myself to do it anyway!

Accent: American although my husband says that every so often I say things with a british accent, perhaps I am picking it up from people I work with? Unfortunately at times it's a very ny accent.
Booze: I really don't like to drink much anymore (since my year in Israel haha) but I really like girly drinks daquiris and the like. I also have a soft spot for Tequila slammers....
Chore I Hate: cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the cholent pot
Dogs/Cats: very cute but I'm very allergic!
Essential Electronics: My cell phone and digital camera. Would I be able to take 5000 pics and videos of Estee without it?
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: cool water

Gold/Silver: Silver, white gold, or platinum
Hometown: NY
Insomnia: What's the oppositte of Insomnia? wiped out? yeah, that's me!
Job Title: Mommy Wife and special Ed teacher
Kids:Yes, And I love her
Living Arrangements: 2 bedroom apartment on a second floor garden apartment, hence no elevator, very hard to get stroller up and down!
Most Admired Trait: The thing I most admire about myself or what people admire about me?

Number of sexual partners: one

Overnight Hospital Stays: once when I was born, once when I had false labor and they were monitoring my water, and once when I gave birth for real to Estee.
Phobia: I am scared of bridges, the midtown tunnel, and ladders. I have one more real fear but I am too afraid to publicize it.

"You're supposed to stop the q-tip when it reaches resistance."
(when asked what pants look good for hunting:)
"Imagine you're the deer. You're walking along and you get thirsty, you spot a brook, so you put your little deer lips down to the cool clear water, and bam! A
f%#*in bullet rips off part of your head, your brains are lying in pieces all over the place. Now I ask you, do you give a f*&% what the son of b*%# who shot you was wearing?"

Religion: I'm a Jew and proud!

Siblings: Yup 3!

Time I usually wake up: depends on what time Estee wakes up. hopefully after 6 usually, but it ranges from 4-7

Unusual Talent: I'm just unusual
Vegetable I refuse to eat: I think I like em all.
Worst Habit: procrastination, definitely!
X-Rays: many many. all the sprained ankles broken wrists, etc!
Yummy Foods I make: corned beef, salads of all kind, I can go on for days, I love my cooking, sorry to be a bit vain!

Zodiac Sign: virgo.

Tagging: Mcaryeh (in hopes he may come back to us, we miss you!)
mustgum, Stacey and Sarah

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A little funnier

Whoever said pinatas were stupid or dangerous had to have been crazy!!!


Not so nice

Feel like having your blood boil? Well, if so, check out this video

Note: he says Walt Disney Jewish company....wasn't Walt an anti-semite?

What the guy is saying is so far fetched but what's scary is the students he is lecturing to. Watch how serious they are writing down every word he is saying as if he is speaking fact as opposed to his crazy opinion. sick, sick, sick!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh the woes of the day after Pesach

Since I was off today, and I have use of my babysitter, I decided to take advantage and run some errands that I have been putting off for a while. Instead of using my lovely gift certificate that my mother in law got for me for a spa manicure and pedicure, I just got a regular one so that I would have time to shop and cook a nice meal for shabbos. It has been a while since I went all out being that I have no time and I decided that today would be a good day. BAD MISTAKE!!! I decided to get an early start with my mani/pedi and then run the errands, go food shopping and cook for the rest of the time (in that order.) I got to the manicure place, closed. I decided to go to babies r us first and figured I could get my manicure after then run the rest of the errands. I got to babies r us and realized that they wouldn't open until 9:30 (it was 8:30) so I went back to KGH to do my food shopping which meant that my whole schedule was thrown off, which I hate. I now had to stop home, drop of the groceries and then go back out. I would have chosen to go to a particular Jewish supermarket (I am not going to mention it's name...) but my husband threatened violence if I did stating that they are too overpriced. Although that may be true, they have more room and a much wider selection of items than any other market. The better of the two remaining markets has no fresh produce so I was left to do a big shopping (requiring a cart) in the tiny market with no room to push a cart (this made even worse by the high volume the store had today since it is the day after pesach.) I was frustrated to find that some of the items that I needed were not available yet and I would either need to come back later or go to the store I had originally wanted to go to. When I finished with my nails I went to the store I had originally wanted to go to. I had three items in my hand but still had to wait behind 5 people with atleast 300 dollars worth of groceries each, leaving me with no time to go to babies r us. So annoyed. Definitely blame Aaron.
Finally, I decided to make the famous tri-color kugel. What could be hard? Well lets see. I made a complete mess, my food processor doesn't hold all of each vegetable so I had to do it in parts, the recipe called for 9 eggs (all the eggs I had left) leaving me with no more to make a yerushalmi kugel and no desire or time to go back out and wait behind 5 more people with 300 dollars worth of groceries to get more eggs. To top it all off the phone was ringing while I was cooking and I didn't read the recipe properly. The whole time I was making it, I was wondering how it could possibly come out nicely in layers when it is so liquidly. Too bad, I didn't read the part that said to cook each layer one by one before adding on the next layer. I was wondering how entire kugel can cook for 20-25 minutes. Too bad I didn't realize that was talking about each layer. Who know's how it came out, it's still in the oven 1 hour later. We shall see.
I need a vacation from this vacation!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

husband update

Sorry it has taken so long to write an update, it has been so hectic. Thank G-d Aaron is okay. Basically, this is what happened last Tuesday:
They did the angiogram and found that the artery with the problem is behind the bone. The vascular surgeon, the orthopedic surgeon, and a new radiologist came to talk to us. They pretty much told us that there is a way around breaking the bone and re-doing the surgery. There is a procedure called an embolization in which, similarly to the angiogram they go in through the groin using coils and knock out the problem orthoscopically (I think that's right) The only problem is, it's not 100 percent guaranteed that it will work and the possibility of them knocking out the functioning of that artery is great. Since he is only 26 they explained that he won't get a circulatory problem because of this. A leg really only needs 2 arteries to function and once one is knocked out, the others will take over the functioning of it. By the time he is old enough to have a problem, the two remaining arteries will be much stronger. We elected to go with this procedure because it is less invasive, no incision and he will have almost no recovery time. They allowed him to go home for the sedarim and we scheduled the procedure for Tuesday of Chol Hamoed (today)
I left the hospital not long ago and he was doing well. The procedure was a success, thank G-d. He will be leaving the hospital at about 3 pm giving him enough time to get ready for yom tov, yay!
On a lighter note, I have a huge crush on the vascular surgeon. Not because I think he's cute or anything but because he gave us so much attention. He sat and explained everything to us over and over until we explained it. He drew diagrams on his hand and used cell phones to show us what is going on in his leg. Then, he came back 15 minutes after he spoke with us to say that he knows it's a lot of information so he came back to see if once it was processed if we had any more questions. That is a great doctor!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

back to square one?

Today is Aaron's birthday. I and my parents and his parents got him the coolest present. (we have one at work. It's so cool. we also got him a million coffees)
Aaron had a follow up Dr's appointment this morning for his foot, then he was going to go to work and then have a physical therapy appointment in the evening. On my way home from work I was speaking with my mother and she said "I can't really talk, but how's Aaron." How's Aaron? what's wrong with Aaron?
"what do you mean?" I asked her. "you mean you don't know?"
Rewind to shabbos......
Over shabbos Aaron kept trying to point out a bump on his foot. "Rebecca this bump is weird, I think they did the surgery wrong." I kept reasuring him that everything was fine and I didn't see a bump.
Fast forward back to today. When the doctor was looking at his ankle he noticed that very bump and sent him to have a sonogram of it. Turns out he has what is called a Pseudo-Aneurysm in his foot. But of course my mother told me it was an aneurysm and I completely broke down. (I have heard many stories where friends husbands have had brain aneurysms in their sleep....scary...) Turns out, what he has is not an aneurysm but has similar features. Don't ask me to remember the explanation but take my word for it.
In between Estee's Dr's appointment that she had today, I was getting phone calls from Aaron and his father giving me updates, basically none, just going for more sonograms. He finally just told me that they have a bed for him at the hospital so they can do the an angiogram first thing in the morning. He is going to come home first, I guess we can celebrate for an hour or two. Poor guy...
When they do the angiogram it is basically to determine where the pseudo-aneurysm is. If it is accessible, they will remove it. If it isn't they will have to call in his ankle surgeons to re-break the bone and re-do that surgery. oy oy oy oy. How can he go through the past two months again??
I know we should be thankful because it could be much worse but let's please hope it will be accessible to them tommorow. Estee really wants to play with her Abba!
Once again, I ask that you please daven for Aharon Gershon ben Freida
thank you.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The competative side of Rebecca..

I am quite competative. I also tend to be a little bit of a sore loser and perhaps a sore winner too. If a game, contest or competition is started, no matter how small, I really get into it. A few years ago before I was married or even engaged...(seems like eons ago) a bunch of friends and I went to Hershey Park for the day (the good old days when we were off for the summer, wow what a concept!) On the way back the driver started a game called the land of doubles. I honestly have blocked the story so much out of my mind (because I am crazy!) that I don't recall exactly how it works but the basic premis is this: he knew the secret of the game and he would say two words. Based on that everyone would take turns saying two words and he would tell you if you were right or wrong. From hearing the right words you would have to guess what the secret is of the game. We were in a mini van. I was in the front seat (I get car sick...), another friend was in the middle, and a third friend was in the back row with her boyfriend of the time (she's now married to someone else). The boyfriend said he wasn't going to play because he already knew the game. Halfway through the game, he whispered in my friends ear the secret of the game. Because of this she began to say words that were definitely right. I began to get really annoyed because she was cheating but she was also acting so smart that she knew it and I didn't know it yet and I was getting majorly frustrated. I think I may have even yelled at her. Who knows. I just get really competative. It shows a bad side of me.
At work, throughout the month of march, there were many fun things for the staff to take part in. One thing was the baby game. Whoever chose to participate would submit their baby picture to the office manager and it would be posted on the bulletin board outside the office. The pictures were up for about a week. After a week, she put up current pictures of the people who submitted a baby photo so we would know who to choose from. Every time I walked by the office whether I was going to the bathroom, walking with a student, or anything, I would stop and analyze the bulletin board. It would have only taken me a minute or two to look each time, but, somebody was always there ready to discuss their newest theory of who a particular baby is. "No." I would reply, "look at the face. you gotta look at the face, this person has the same face!" Or I would say "well, it's gotta be so and so...look at the scenery in the picture, she is the only person who comes from a country that has that type of scenery..." Needless to say, I was absolutely addicted. The principal even commented that every time she walks out of her office I am standing by that bulletin board. It became such an addiction that I would think about the babies I was having difficulty with on my ride home from work or as I was falling asleep that night. AFter a few days, the office manager posted answer sheets for us to fill out with our answers and place in her box. Last Tuesday at 2:15 the winners would be announced. 1st place goes to....prize of 100 dollar gift certificate to non-kosher restaurant. phew, not me! 2nd place with only two babies wrong goes to Rebecca, winner of the starbucks gift basket. You mean, I actually win a prize? All I needed was my name in big letters. REBECCA WINS!! (or Rebecca is the best, you decide...)
The next day though there was a nice sign on the bulletin board with mine and the 1st place winner's picture describing our skills and what we want. I do have to also add that I clearly remember playing a board game or a card game with someone, (kar was it you?) and I got annoyed that the person said something happened that didn't so I messed up the whole board and threw everything around. Is there a support group for problems like this?