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Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh the woes of the day after Pesach

Since I was off today, and I have use of my babysitter, I decided to take advantage and run some errands that I have been putting off for a while. Instead of using my lovely gift certificate that my mother in law got for me for a spa manicure and pedicure, I just got a regular one so that I would have time to shop and cook a nice meal for shabbos. It has been a while since I went all out being that I have no time and I decided that today would be a good day. BAD MISTAKE!!! I decided to get an early start with my mani/pedi and then run the errands, go food shopping and cook for the rest of the time (in that order.) I got to the manicure place, closed. I decided to go to babies r us first and figured I could get my manicure after then run the rest of the errands. I got to babies r us and realized that they wouldn't open until 9:30 (it was 8:30) so I went back to KGH to do my food shopping which meant that my whole schedule was thrown off, which I hate. I now had to stop home, drop of the groceries and then go back out. I would have chosen to go to a particular Jewish supermarket (I am not going to mention it's name...) but my husband threatened violence if I did stating that they are too overpriced. Although that may be true, they have more room and a much wider selection of items than any other market. The better of the two remaining markets has no fresh produce so I was left to do a big shopping (requiring a cart) in the tiny market with no room to push a cart (this made even worse by the high volume the store had today since it is the day after pesach.) I was frustrated to find that some of the items that I needed were not available yet and I would either need to come back later or go to the store I had originally wanted to go to. When I finished with my nails I went to the store I had originally wanted to go to. I had three items in my hand but still had to wait behind 5 people with atleast 300 dollars worth of groceries each, leaving me with no time to go to babies r us. So annoyed. Definitely blame Aaron.
Finally, I decided to make the famous tri-color kugel. What could be hard? Well lets see. I made a complete mess, my food processor doesn't hold all of each vegetable so I had to do it in parts, the recipe called for 9 eggs (all the eggs I had left) leaving me with no more to make a yerushalmi kugel and no desire or time to go back out and wait behind 5 more people with 300 dollars worth of groceries to get more eggs. To top it all off the phone was ringing while I was cooking and I didn't read the recipe properly. The whole time I was making it, I was wondering how it could possibly come out nicely in layers when it is so liquidly. Too bad, I didn't read the part that said to cook each layer one by one before adding on the next layer. I was wondering how entire kugel can cook for 20-25 minutes. Too bad I didn't realize that was talking about each layer. Who know's how it came out, it's still in the oven 1 hour later. We shall see.
I need a vacation from this vacation!


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