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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The joy of bad service

Back in February, we decided that for a friend's birthday we would do something nice because her birthday falls out on the same day as her daughter's and she never really gets to celebrate. All the girls took her out to carvel and she was surprised. It was so nice for all of us to leave our kids behind (sleeping) with the hubbies even if it was just for an hour or so. We vowed that night that we would do this for everyone's birthday. The next friend also got to be surprised. After that it was expected and the element of surprise was somewhat lost but the evening remained fun. We've changed our venue to accomodate different needs at the time. We've been to tcby, coldstone and a local cafe. My friends had decided to take me to the local cafe. (which is going to remain nameless because of loshon horah)
My friend told me that she called to confirm the reservation three times that day because she had a bad experience with this place a different time. When we got there, not only were sheva brachos going on in half the store but the rest of the store was packed. When the waitress asked us how many we said "reservation for 7- Gropper?" You can tell she had a nervous look on her face. She went to the back and spoke with a couple of more waiters and waitresses and they were scrambling for ideas. She came back and said "I am so sorry. There was a mistake. Someone came in earlier and we thought it was you so we gave away your table. we will get you a table in a few minutes so please just wait outside." (yeah okay another party of 7 Gropper came in on the same day, sure lady whatever you say!)
We were going to just get dessert but most of us were hungry so we all started with soup. I had the pumpkin soup which was amazing and a few of my friends had the french onion. A friend called her husband to see if he wanted anything and she ordered another french onion soup to go. She was trying to explain to the waitress that the piece of bread with melted cheese that is placed in the soup, she would like on the side so it doesn't get soggy. Her explanation lasted atleast 20 minutes. I sat in awe as the waitress struggled to understand what the heck my friend was asking and another friend hid her head as she laughed hysterically. "You know the bread with the cheese on it that you put in the soup? can you place it on the side instead of inside the soup?"
Waitress- "You want bread with cheese on the side?"
friend- "yes."
Waitress- "let me ask if we are allowed to do that."
Friend- "You are going to put it in the soup anyway, just leave it on the side."
Waitress- "Where do you want your cheese?"
Another waitress came over and said "I'm sorry we cannot put the bread on the side."
10 minutes later a waiter came to the table with a bowl of french onion soup and my friend explained to him that she wanted it to go. "excuse me" I said, "do you mind just removing that piece of bread from inside the soup and wrapping it up for my friend? she's taking it home and doesn't want it to get soggy. Thanks so much!"
The waiter told us yes but he is going to get a whole new soup.
When we finished our soups and had chatted a bit we were wondering why no one asked us if we wanted to see the menu for dessert. So, I asked the waitress for a dessert menu. She came back and said "we have no crepes or cake left so I will just tell you what we have." No cake? Good thing we didn't just come in for dessert!
Her list was as follows: "strawberries with whipped cream, apple pie, or special ice cream."
My friend said "what is so special about it?"
well. it has 4 scoops, fruit and whipped cream. hmmmmm...
My friend asked if she can just have two scoops of ice cream. man where we being difficult?
my birthday candle came in a parfait glass of strawberries in whipped cream. It was nice.
When we got the bill it took us a minute to figure out why we were coming up short once everyone had paid their share. We finally realized that they charged us for an extra onion soup. "Oh!" I said. "They probably accidentally charged us for the one he brought out when it was supposed to be to go."
My friend went up to the register to rectify the situation. When she came back she was enraged. She said when she got there all she said was "I have a question about our bill..." and right away they handed her a new one and said "here's the correct one." They charged us on purpose! I said the tip should be the price of the soup but we ended up tipping standard.

It's too bad the service is terrible there because I love that place. This is the first time I experienced the service, I usually go much earlier, maybe that is why.

I tried to block out everything from the picture that will tell you what restaurant this is but a good detective could probably still guess:


  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger Mia said…

    Nice picture! I am sorry you had such a bad service on your birthday, hope you could still enjoy your night out! Happy Birthday anyway!

  • At 8:32 AM, Blogger FrumWithQuestions said…

    Were these people Israeli that gave you a problem? If so it wouldn't suprise me.

  • At 2:10 PM, Blogger Stacey said…

    I hate bad service and rude people. (Thankfully, there is not much of that in Texas. People are sooooooooo friendly here. Much friendlier than I was used to)!

    Glad you were all able to have fun, in spite of the service.

    Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

  • At 7:48 AM, Blogger Batya said…

    I always take off from the tip for bad service. Once it cost me so much time in delays that I explained that I needed it for a cab.


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