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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Motzei Tisha Baav meme

When Estee napped today I decided to lay down. All I could think about was the yummy cheesy saucy lasagne that I was going to give her for lunch. I imagined myself cutting into it and the beautiful layers oozing with cheesy saucy mixture. yum.
I decided I would for once start my own meme. Is that allowed? I never fully understood the meme....but here goes....

The food I thought about all day: lasagne and the cheerios Estee was munching on that I kept craving to snatch
The drink I thought about all day: Must have water!
What I broke my fast on (Since I didn't break my fast yet, I will add it later, but you must be descriptive..the more adjectives the better!) Ex- A light, airy, seedy, soft and hard in all the right places bagel, spread with luscious, thick, white, cream cheese....and a glass of cool, crisp, refreshing vitamin water.

okay? got it?

So I tag: Stacey, Jack, Ezzie, Pearl, and Chana
Boy am I hungry!!


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