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Thursday, September 21, 2006

I can write a book

My kids at school say and do the funniest things. Today I was laughing all day long. I decided that I should probably write down the things that happen because I will probably forget. The things that happened today:
(ps- my kids are 3 and 4)

-My assistant was taking a meal replacement drink out of the fridge and a boy asks her "is that your beer?"

-a new boy started today and he had a tough time transitioning. he was crying a lot when his father laughed but shortly after, he did really well. During lunch he thought our garbage can was weird and said "what the heck is this?" I had to turn around to laugh. But then he was having his milk container talk to someone else's milk and he said "this is cow sh**" The first time he said it we all just looked at eachother to see if we heard right. The second time he said it I had to walk away and my assistant explained to him that there are some words that we do not use in school.

Stories from other days:
-There is a boy in our class who speaks only chinese and no english what so ever. Considering this, he is doing very well. He is really funny and copies everything we do even gestures because he is trying to learn. He is at times very independant because he cannot request things so he just does them. We have a toy in the class that is basically a bunch of plastic straws with connectors to build (look at the link) Well, one day during lunch, I turned around and saw that he had one of them in his milk and he was drinking out of it. he walked over to where we keep it in the classroom and took one because he didn't know how to ask for a straw.
-Same boy: Every day we take the class to the bathroom as a class. three children come in at a time while the others wait outside with the other teacher. I was helping a child wash her hands and there were children in the stalls when this boy came into the bathroom. He opened a stall that had a girl in it, she said "hey!" and he went into the next stall. When I turned around the stall that the girl had been in was open. She was standing with her pants around her ankles and a horrified look on her face and he was peeing in her toilet. I screamed

There are a ton more stories but this is all I can think of right now.


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